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The social media campaign, Media In Our Image, explores how we portray ourselves in social networks, which women dominate all around the world. Photographer Jasmine Lord created these arresting portraits in which she projected the sitters' own metadata on their physical bodies, creating a veil of revealing information that says more about their taste, values, and beliefs than about their demographic coordinates. The Tumblr and Pinterest sites devoted to this campaign document experiments with portraiture from the Renaissance to the present moment.

Johanna Blakley, the Lear Center's Managing Director and Director of Research, is using her article in the latest issue of WSQ as a springboard for a new social media campaign, Media In Our Image, in order to explore how women represent themselves on social networks. This campaign will evolve and grow on Tumblr and Pinterest, harnessing the power of social media to encourage women to redefine themselves in their own terms. Please join the conversation and share your own images and inventions.

New pins added to the Media in Our Image pinterest page. Check regularly for updates.

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Patricia Clough

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Jasbir Puar

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WSQ: Viral

WSQ Volume 40, Numbers 1&2 Spring/Summer 2012
Edited by Patricia Clough & Jasbir Puar

When we think of something as "viral," we often think of the transit of electronic information at an intensified speed and reach. Viral also refers to indiscriminate exchanges, often linked with notions of bodily contamination, uncontainability, and unwelcome transgression of border and boundaries.

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