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Florence Howe Society

Include the Press in your estate planning by joining the Florence Howe Society.

Founded by several donors in 1999, members of the Florence Howe Society comprise an informal group in support of the Feminist Press. They are authors, former or present members of the Board of Directors, and donors, all of whom believe in the ongoing mission of nonprofit publishing to bring the history and culture of feminism into the classroom and general consciousness.

The Society began when Alice Cook bequeathed a sum of money plus the royalties from her book, A Lifetime of Labor: An Autobiography to the Feminist Press. Shortly thereafter, and modeled on the Thomas Hunter Society of Hunter College/CUNY, a small group formed and invited others to join them. Some added codicils to their wills or insurance policies; one person opened an account with the Feminist Press as beneficiary; in 2000, several individuals purchased annuities that pay them an annual dividend while they are alive; the principal will revert to the Press after they pass away.

If you are interested in becoming a member of this altruistic group, email