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September 20, 2010

40 Under 40 Nominee, Lesley Kinzel Quoted in Ad Age

A recent article in Advertising Age magazine explores the reasons why advertisers should market to an ever growing population and what this means to the bottom line for manufacturers. Blogger, Lesley Kinzel speaks to the lack of selection - and therefore representation - for fat women where clothes are concerned.

"As Americans Grow Larger, Most Marketers Outside Clothing Are Content to Ignore the Demographic

By Matt Carmichael
Published: September 20, 2010

CHICAGO ( -- Wendy Wimmer describes a recent trip to the plus-size section of Target as entering the "fat-girl ghetto." She passed racks of "cute as a button" Liz Lange maternity wear with envy. Finally she found a lackluster selection of clothes that fit her frame, tucked in the far corner of the store near the big-box Siberia known as layaway. "Someone is pregnant for nine months, but people are generally fat for their entire lives," said Ms. Wimmer, who has contributed to the Big Fat Deal blog since 2005 under the screen name "Weetabix."

It's the one growing demographic marketers seem intent on largely ignoring: the overweight.

In 1996 there wasn't a single state in the U.S. where the adult obesity rate was greater than 20%. A mere 14 years later, 49 states have crossed that line, leaving Colorado as the most-svelte state in the union. Some blame this solely on a 1998 redefinition of "overweight" by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, but the figures were already increasing. . . ."

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