WSQ: At Sea

Edited by Terri Gordon-Zolov and Amy Sodaro
This issue explores the sea as a gendered and racialized site of tumult and violence.

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Part I. Theorizing Gender At Sea

The Genders of Waves
Stefan Helmreich

In Elixir
Tanya Grae

stories (Eurydice)
Katherine D. Perry

Finding Oneself Onboard the Ibis in Amitav Ghosh’s Sea of Poppies
Rudrani Gangopadhyay

Postcard from Assam
Jayne Marek

Part II. Sea Crossings

Divided Seas, Parallel Lives
Vicki Squire

Not Her
Cindy Veach

Darwin’s Daughter
Jackie Craven

salt | water: Vietnamese Refugee Passages, Memory, and Statelessness at Sea
Patricia Nguyễn

Michelle Lewis

The Indenture of Migrant Domestic Workers
Rhacel Salazar Parreñas

V. V. Ganeshananthan

Offloaded: Women’s Sex Work Migration across the South China Sea and the Gendered Antitrafficking Emigration Policy of the Philippines
Maria Cecilia Hwang

Part III. Endangered and Dangerous Seas

Aquapelagic Assemblages: Performing Water Ecology with Harmattan Theater
May Joseph and Sofia Varino

Ship’s Log
Lucy Clark

Heather H. Thomas

What’s Bottled Breaks
Tanya Grae

Intimate Objectivity: On Nnedi Okorafor’s Oceanic Afrofuturism
Melody Jue

After years at sea
Clare Jones

This Fabulous Shadow
Merrill Cole

Tanya Evanson

Clare Jones

My Woman Won’t Make Me Catfish
Heather Dobbins

Part IV. Gender and Sexuality At Sea

Cruising to Equality: Tourism, U.S. Homonationalism, and the Lesbian and Gay Family Market
Liz Montegary

Kathryn Lipari

American Men and Romance Tourism: Searching for Traditional Trophy Wives as Status Symbols of Masculinity
Julia Meszaros

I Did Not Go Down to the River to Pray
Heather Dobbins

Stevie Edwards

“Alive . . . again.”  Unmoored in the Aquafuture of Ellen Gallagher’s Watery Ecstatic
Suzanna Chan

Here Is the Sea to Drive You Home
Michelle Lewis

Part V. Classics Revisited: Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us

Radical Observation
Joni Seager

Touching the Oceans
Kimberley Peters

Surfaces and Depths
Jen Hill

“Bitter with the Salt of Continents”: Rachel Carson and Oceanic Returns
Hester Blum

The Birth of an Island: Rachel Carson’s The Sea Around Us
Judith Madera

Part VI. Book Reviews

Donna R. Gabaccia

Human Trafficking at Sea
Louise Shelley

Caribglobal: Colonial Desire, Transgression, Exclusion, and Belonging in the Caribbean
Salvador Vidal-Ortiz

Part VII. Alerts and Provocations

Finding Neutral Buoyancy: An Intersection of Ecology and Feminism through Innovative Pedagogy
Rebecca L. Vidra