WSQ: Queer Methods

Edited by Matt Brim and Amin Ghaziani
This issue of WSQ reframes the question “what is queer theory” to “how is the work of queer theory done?”

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Part I. Articles

Eroticized Racial Registers

The Racialized Erotics of Participatory Research: A Queer Feminist Understanding
Jessica Fields

Put a Little Honey in My Sweet Tea: Oral History as Quare Performance
E. Patrick Johnson

Dyke Methods: A Meditation on Queer Studies and the Gay Men Who Hate It
Jane Ward


To Count or Not to Count: Queering Measurement and the Transgender Community
Petra L. Doan

CompuQueer: Protocological Constraints, Algorithmic Streamlining, and the Search for Queer Methods Online
Noah Tsika

Queer Survey Research and the Ontological Dimensions of Heterosexism
Patrick R. Grzanka

The Queer Ontology of Digital Method
Benjamin Haber


Haunted by the 1990s: Queer Theory’s Affective Histories
Kadji Amin

Querying Queer African Archives: Methods and Movements
Thérèse Migraine-George and Ashley Currier

Openings, Obstacles, and Disruptions: Desire as a Portable Queer Method
Amy Tweedy

Epistemology of the Subject: Queer Theory’s Challenge to Feminist Sociology
Hannah McCann

Part II. Poetry

One More Failed Attempt to Get Over You
Jade Sylvan

dis/chord: nuclear disfunction in diminished 4ths
Jade Sylvan

Ellen Bass

Ode to My Breasts
Ellen Bass

Sing Goddess, the Anger
Ellen Bass

Bedtime Flashes for My Wife
Arisa White

Grows Strong with Each Twerk
Arisa White

Ode to Lithium #44: Ghazal, Interrupted
Shira Erlichman

Ode to Lithium #140: Natural
Shira Erlichman

Winged Triptych
Mark McBeth

Epic for You
Eileen Myles

Part III. Prose

Today His Name Is Keith
Toni Halleen

Tipping Point
Jeanne Thornton

Part IV. Classics Revisited—CLAGS: The Center for LGBTQ Studies

Transitions, Tensions, Trade-Offs: CLAGS from 1996–1999
Jill Dolan

The International Resource Network: A Hard-Won Success, an Uncertain Future
Rosamond S. King

The Intersection of Queer Theory and Empirical Methods: Visions for CLAGS, the Center for LGBTQ Studies
Kevin L. Nadal

The First Ten Years
Martin Duberman

Part V. Book Reviews

The Production of White Male Heterosexuality
Dustin Kidd

Toward Trans* Epistemology: Imagining the Lives of Transgender People
Tey Meadow

Valerie Traub’s Thinking Sex with the Early Moderns: An Interdisciplinary Conversation

Scholars in Pursuit of Elusive Sexual Knowledge
Kate Fisher and Rebecca Langlands

When Is a Clitoris Like a Lesbian? A “Sociologist” Considers Thinking Sex
Lisa Jean Moore

Thinking Sex with Geopolitics
Anjali Arondekar

A Response: Difficulty, Opacity, Disposition, Method
Valerie Traub

Part VI. Alerts and Provocations

Queer Messes
Heather Love