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Zoe Pilger is an art critic for The Independent and winner of the 2011 Frieze International Writers Prize. She has appeared on BBC Newsnight's The Review Show, Channel Four's Sunday Brunch, and Sky News. Eat My Heart Out is her first novel.

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Eat My Heart Out

Zoe Pilger

Half-liberated, half-drunk, Ann-Marie is twenty-three, spiraling, and ironically detached when she meets Stephanie, a supremely serious, second wave feminist who becomes her mentor. Hilarious and unapologetic, this novel is a satirical look at the state of the post-post-feminist world and illuminates how--no matter what young women do--they are condemned for their sexual desires, career choices, and everyday philosophies.

"Craving whatever she hasn't got and detesting whatever she has, Zoe Pilger's brilliant and psychically bulimic narrator is everyone's anti-Bridget Jones. An awareness of the pathology of romantic love, and a terror of what lies in its absence, lies at the heart of this brutally funny book."

—Chris Kraus, author of I Love Dick

"Protagonist Ann-Marie wanders through London's glittery underground of Bright Young Artists, concussed by life itself. Pilger's love story fictionalizes her contexts so extremely that every adolescent romance--with art, feminism, even that gross dude she had a one night stand with--is only a deceptive form mobilized to assault neutered authority. A masochistic siren song--100 percent more awesome than The Little Mermaid."

—Trisha Low, author of The Compleat Purge

"Super-smart, funny and dark as midnight."

Marie Claire

"An unflinching account of post-feminist urban life. Satirical, snarky and wildly entertaining."


"Brilliantly odd, very funny."

Financial Times

"Perfectly pitched satire."

New Statesman