Teaching African Literatures in Global Literary Economy
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TUZYLINE JITA ALLAN is an associate professor of English at Baruch College and co-director of The Feminist Press's Women Writing Africa Project. She is the editor of Women's Studies Quarterly (97:3–4): Teaching African Literatures in a Global Literary Economy and the author of Womanist and Feminist Aesthetics: A Comparative Review.

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WSQ: Teaching African Literatures in a Global Literary Economy

Volume 25, Numbers 3 & 4: Fall/Winter 1997
Edited by Tuzyline Jita Allan

The emergence of gender, cultural, and postcolonial studies requires an examination not only of the growing body of African literature but also of the various approaches that have been used to teach it. This issue examines the relevance, significance, and challenges of African literature in an era of rapid technological and social change. Of particular interest are issues related to gender, race, class, nationality, diaspora, and language. Specific resources for classroom use include course syllabi and creative writing by women. This issue contains an update of the annotated list of women's studies programs in the United States.