Still Brave
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Stanlie M. James

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Frances Smith Foster

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Beverly Guy-Sheftall

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Still Brave

The Evolution of Black Women's Studies
Edited by Stanlie M. James, Frances Smith Foster & Beverly Guy-Sheftall

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Cheryl Clarke, Angela Davis, bell hooks, June Jordan, Audre Lorde, and Alice Walker—from the pioneers of black women’s studies comes Still Brave, the definitive collection of race and gender writings today. Including Alice Walker’s groundbreaking elucidation of the term “womanist,” discussions of women’s rights as human rights, and a piece on the Obama factor, the collection speaks to the ways that feminism has evolved and how black women have confronted racism within it.

Still Brave is a monumental book that reminds us of the centrality of Black Womanist genius and talent grounded in courage and struggle. We can never understand what it means to be modern, new world, or African without this precious volume.”

—Cornel West, professor, Princeton University

“To hold Still Brave in your hands is to hold a courageous, beautiful history of global importance. Black feminism and Black Women’s Studies are monumental achievements. Still Brave shows why.”

—Catharine R. Stimpson, professor and dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Science, New York University

“Faculty and students at all levels of higher education; community activists; policymakers; and those just plain curious to read the very best scholarship on race and gender from the past 25 years will welcome the publication of this volume. James, Foster, and Guy-Sheftall have put together a political, creative, truly interdisciplinary anthology. They have crafted a narrative of Black Women’s Studies over the past twenty-five years that will sustain the field in the twenty-first century. They are to be congratulated.”

—Claire G. Moses, editorial director of Feminist Studies; professor of women’s studies, University of Maryland

“Radiant with intellectual energy, this sequel to Some of Us Were Brave will be as indispensable to women’s studies scholars of every race, age, ethnicity, and theoretical orientation as its precursor was. The writers whose classic and contemporary essays are collected here address an exhilarating range of multidisciplinary and multicultural issues, from religion to sexuality to the history of Black feminist criticism—including a closing riff on the Obama daughters and Pecola Breedlove—with verve, wit, passion, and sophistication."

—Sandra M. Gilbert, Distinguished Professor of English Emerita, University of California, Davis

“In short [Still Brave] is courageous, necessary, and exquisitely edited. It is a true testament to the scholar to which it is dedicated.”

—Melissa Harris-Lacewell, associate professor of politics and African American Studies, Princeton University

"Still Brave is among the most important collections of writings to date."


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