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SHAHRNUSH PARSIPUR is the author of Touba and the Meaning of Night, among many books. Born in Iran in 1946, she began her career as a fiction writer and a producer at Iranian National Television and Radio. She now lives in exile in California.

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Women Without Men 2nd Edition

A Novel of Modern Iran
Shahrnush Parsipur

Preface by Shirin Neshat

This modern literary masterpiece follows the interwoven destinies of five women—including a wealthy middle-aged housewife, a prostitute, and a schoolteacher—as they arrive by different paths to live together in an abundant garden on the outskirts of Tehran. Drawing on elements of Islamic mysticism and recent Iranian history, this unforgettable novel depicts women escaping the narrow confines of family and society, and imagines their future living in a world without men.

This volume is the first author-approved translation of Women Without Men .

"With Women Without Men, Shahrnush Parsipur reaffirms the simple truth that fragility and strength live side by side, and these attributes are volatile, precious, and endlessly female."

—Shirin Neshat, from the introduction

"Parsipur is a courageous, talented woman and...a great writer."

—Marjane Satrapi

"Using the techniques of both the fabulist and the polemicist, Parsipur continues her protest against traditional Persian gender relations in this charming, powerful novella."

—Publishers Weekly

"These delightfully inventive interwoven tales of five contemporary Iranian women take on the author's world with all the grace of Calvino's 'sudden agile leap of the poet-philosopher who raises himself above the weight of the world, showing that with all his gravity he has the secret of lightness.' A masterful voice in international fiction now available to readers in the English-speaking world."

—Robert Coover, author of Briar Rose and The Public Burning

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