Baghdad Burning II
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RIVERBEND is the pseudonym of a woman in her twenties who in 2003 began writing a blog relating her first hand experiences of the U.S. invasion and then occupation of her native Iraq. Once a computer programmer in a modern, secular state, Riverbend discusses with honesty and acute political awareness the changes that resulted in the rise of religious fundamentalism.

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Baghdad Burning II

More Girl Blog from Iraq

Introduction by James Ridgeway & Jean Casella

Note: To all of Riverbend's fans, thank you for your concern about her periodic absences from her blog. We have not heard from Riverbend since her last blog post in October 2007. If we do, we will post it here.

Interweaving commentary on major events from October 2004 to March 2006, with compelling stories about her own life as well as her family’s daily struggles, this is journalism from ground zero recording both occupation and insurgency.

“Reports from ‘Ground Zero’ in Baghdad by the award-winning and ‘Thoughtful writer whose . . . prose packs an emotional punch’.”

The New York Times

"Riverbend's musings will make it impossible for readers to hold on to some cardboard cutout notion of 'an Iraqi'. . . . Bracing, and sure to be controversial, this is a unique and essential record of our times."

Kirkus Reviews

"[Riverbend's] writing is crisp and lucid, a style one would expect from an educated cosmopolitan woman . . . and as such it is both personal and political. . . . Riverbend translates the sterile language of policymakers into the flesh and blood reality of fearful citizens. . . . We need to read Riverbend."

National Catholic Reporter

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