Working-Class Lives and Cultures
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WSQ: Working-Class Lives and Cultures

Volume 26, Numbers 1&2: Spring/Summer 1998
Edited by Renny Christopher, Lisa Orr & Linda Strom

Edited by Renny Christopher, Lisa Orr, and Linda Strom

This vital and engaging collection expands and builds upon Women's Studies Quarterly's groundbreaking 1995 volume, honored with an award from the Council of Editors of Learned Journals. The poetry, testimony, analysis, history, and theory collected here, which includes work by Patti See and Janet Zandy, not only suggests connective threads for understanding working-class experiences and literatures but also explores intersections of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and class. Such explorations are arranged around the issue's four themes: family, education, the workplace, and identity. From South African sexual relationships, to teaching Medieval studies to working-class students, to the politics of a deaf workers' publication, to poems written in prison, this issue testifies to the growing depth and scope of working-class studies. Essential reading for all interested in the field, this issue offers an invaluable framework for discussing working-class literature, culture, and artistic productions, while also attending to the material conditions of working-class people's lives.