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  • Paperback Edition
  • ISBN: 9781558618251
  • Publication Date: 07-16-2013
  • Page Count: 160
  • Categories: Fiction, Jewish, Middle East

Orly Castel-Bloom is a leading voice in Hebrew literature today. Her postmodern classic Dolly City has been included in UNESCO's Collection of Representative Works, and was nominated in 2007 as one of the ten most important books since the creation of the state of Israel.

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Orly Castel-Bloom

A wealthy Israeli family is at a precipice in their lives in this nuanced, contemporary novel. As Amanda Gruber, the matriarch of the family, undergoes an invasive cosmetic procedure, Lirit, her rebellious daughter, takes over operations at the family's pajama factory. Her brother Dael serves in the Israeli Army as a sniper, while Irad, their neglectful father, a genius scientist, travels to the United States to conduct research on flak jackets. Each family member is pulled in conflicting directions, forced to examine their contentious relationships to one another. With surprising humor, Textile details the gradual disintegration of a family strained by distance and the corrosive effects of militarism and consumerism.

"With understated flair and stoic wit, Castel-Bloom uses the Gruber family to explore the themes of globalization, materialism, superficiality, and longevity, anchoring her story in a neighborhood and attempting to “connect all this beauty and luxury to some kind of posterity beyond [the family’s] grasp.” Castel-Bloom once again captures the culture of modern-day Israel with provocative deadpan humor."

—Publishers Weekly

"Internationally acclaimed Castel-Bloom (Human Parts, 2004, etc.)—whose Dolly City is listed by UNESCO’s Collection of Representative Works—deftly weaves a web of intertwining character studies, each rich with detail and nuance. Against the backdrop of war and unrest, the strivings of a woman for independence gain international depth."

—Kirkus Reviews

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