The Defiant Muse: Vietnamese Feminist Poems
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Nguyên Thi Minh Hà

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Nguyên Thi Thanh Bình

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Lady Borton

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The Defiant Muse: Vietnamese Feminist Poems

From Antiquity to the Present
Edited by Nguyên Thi Minh Hà, Nguyên Thi Thanh Bình & Lady Borton

Foreword by Grace Paley. Introduction by Lady Borton.

This unique collection offers over one hundred poems from over one hundred poets in the only bilingual anthology of Vietnamese women’s poetry available anywhere in the world.

The poems in The Defiant Muse: Vietnamese Feminist Poems from Antiquity to the Present range from some of the earliest oral poetry, the first Buddhist spiritual poems written by women, and bold works by today's youth. Whether it is the historical expulsion of the Chinese or the cultivation of silk worms, this volume speaks to the exceptional moments and everyday realities of women's lives, of love and war, work in the fields and cities, life in their homeland and abroad.

"Elegant and skillful . . . there is an easy accessibility to these poems. . . . So many of them are beautiful. . . . Many centuries . . . pass as the hours of the day."

—Grace Paley