Daughter of the Hills
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  • ISBN: 978-0-935312-59-1
  • Publication Date: 11-01-1986
  • Page Count: 304
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MYRA PAGE (1897 - 1994), pseudonym of Dorothy Markey, is the author of two other novels, Gathering Storm and Moscow Yankee.

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Daughter of the Hills

A Woman's Part in the Coal Miners' Struggle
Myra Page

Introduction by Alice Kessler-Harris & Paul Lauter. Afterword by Deborah S. Rosenfelt.

This novel offers a powerful account of family life and labor conflicts, told through the eyes of a tough, resilient Appalachian woman who is, according to Richard Wright, "one of the most impressive proletarian characters in our literature. Daughter of the Hills exposes the economic conditions of the working class and the scarcity of opportunities for working-class women, but also tells the story of a loving marriage that endures despite severe hardships.

“One of the most impressive proletarian characters in our literature.”

—Richard Wright

"Myra Page has captured the feeling tone of the harsh struggle for life in a mining community. She has brought to us a woman who is remarkable not because she represents a unique experience, but because she evokes the lives of so many non-urban women."

—Alice Kessler-Harris

"The heroism of Dolly Hawkins lies both in her resistance to exploitation and in her sheer love of life—her capacity to live it fully even in the face of deprivation and loss. This is a text that refuses to sever sexuality and work, love and social protest. Daugher of the Hills, in fact, is both a heterosexual love story and a novel of social protest. The combination is curiously rare in American literary history."

—Deborah S. Rosenfelt

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