Rigoberta Menchú
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Michael Silverstone is an elementary school teacher and author of Rigoberta Menchú, among other biographies for children.

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Rigoberta Menchu

Defending Human Rights in Guatemala
Michael Silverstone

Foreword by Charlotte Bunch

Rigoberta Menchú was born into a remote and impoverished corner of Guatemala where her people, the Quiche-Mayan, suffered as second-class citizens and where few children, particularly girls, went to school. Working as a coffee-picker and later as a maid, she educated herself and learned Spanish, the language of her oppressors, in order to lead her people in a fight for their land and their rights. Booklist recognized author and educator Silverstone notes, “the story of her life is vividly and coherently told. Silverstone has done an outstanding job. . .”