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MEREDITH TAX is the author of The Rising of Women, two adult novels, Rivington Street and Union Square, and many essays and articles. She is co-founder and president of Women's WORLD (World Organization for Rights, Literature & Development), which combats gender-based censorship.

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Meredith Tax

Illustrated by Marylin Hafner

Realities such as divorce, stepfamilies, adoption, single parenting, and gay and lesbian parenting are explored through the curious, affectionate, and nonjudgemental eyes of six-year-old Angie as she introduces readers to her multicultural groups of friends, who are loved and cared for within many different types of families.

Meredith Tax's funny, engaging text reveals what families have in common while encouraging an acceptance of difference. Marilyn Hafner's appealing illustrations convey the warmth and individuality of the characters. In the end, the book's message is a simple and heart-felt one: as Angie says, "Families are who you live with and who you love."

As one of the earliest books on "nontraditional" families, Families has been revered by a generation of parents, teachers, and children, and also attacked by censors. It remains a simple testament to the importance of acceptance, respect, and love.

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