From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women in the World, Volume III
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MARILYN FRENCH’s views have always been unapologetically radical. Her work stresses that women’s suppression is an integral function of the male-dominated global culture, both on the domestic and international front.

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From Eve to Dawn, A History of Women in the World, Volume III

Infernos and Paradises, The Triumph of Capitalism in the 19th Century
Marilyn French

Foreword by Margaret Atwood

Writing about what she calls the "most cheering period in female history," French recounts how nineteenth-century women living under imperialism, industrialization, and capitalism nonetheless organized for their own education, a more equitable work wage, and the vote.

Focusing on the United States, Great Britain, and countries in Africa, French argues that capitalism's success depended on the exploitation and enslavement of huge numbers, including women, but the act of working outside the home alongside other women, rather than in isolation, provided women with the possibility of organizing for emancipation.

"Leaves the reader breathless. . . . This richly researched volume paints memorable images . . . [and] with passion and vision [shows] us how a century that began with men claiming women as their property ended with women's demands for an end to their subjugation."

—Meg McGavran Murray, author of Margaret Fuller, Wandering Pilgrim

"[French's] coverage is encyclopedic, but her prose is impressively accessible, creating a rare find: a page-turning, can't-put-it-down history text. . . . This is not a simple repackaging of history for women. French instead gives life to a new way of looking at the world as it exists for women. Her history is sure to inspire the burgeoning feminist in every woman and man. Highly recommended for public and academic libraries and essential for universities with women's studies programs."

Library Journal, starred review

"Offers fascinating insight and detail."

Publishers Weekly

"[Marilyn French] still knows how to keep the pages turning."

Time Out, New York