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La Verne McQuiller Williams is the chairperson and assistant professor of criminal justice at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She specializes in intimate partner violence and sex trafficking, and has worked as a district attorney dealing with sexual assault and domestic violence.

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WSQ: Women, Crime, and the Criminal Justice System

Volume 32, Numbers 3 & 4: Fall/Winter 2004
La Verne McQuiller Williams

Edited by LaVerne McQuiller Williams

From an interview with the wrongly-accused Betty Tyson to an analysis of "Prime Suspect 2," this issue explores the increasing visibility of women—as offenders, victims, and criminal justice professionals—in the field of criminal justices studies. Topics include mandatory sentencing laws, the war on drugs, the motivations of Andrea Yates, and the recent HIV epidemic facing incarcerated women. Creative works and resources for teaching and learning more about women and crime are included.