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Kathryn Abrams

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Irene Kacandes

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WSQ: Witness

Volume 36, Numbers 1 & 2: Spring/Summer 2008
Kathryn Abrams & Irene Kacandes

Feminism was born of acts of witness, and throughout its many transformations, bearing witness has played crucial roles. This issue looks at the legal and political contexts that have structured women’s efforts to testify to injustice; it examines new methodologies that feminists have used to bear witness and the role of objects in the process of testifying; and highlights the experience of contemporary and historical feminist witnesses to oppression and transformation.

Featuring essays by scholars such as Susan Brison, Ann Cvetkovich, Marianne Hirsch, Rosanne Kennedy, Nancy K. Miller, Judith Resnik, Valerie Smith, and Leo Spitzer, and a retrospective on the work of Judith Herman, this issue asks how witnessing might be understood and fortified as a vehicle for feminist understanding, resistance, and change.