Ela Bhatt
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JYOTSNA SREENIVASAN is the author of two children's novels as well as nonfiction and fiction for adults. She works as a writer for the Feminist Majority.

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Ela Bhatt

Uniting Women in India
Jyotsna Sreenivasan

Foreword by Charlotte Bunch

Despite her own privileged upbringing, Ela Bhatt decided to dedicate herself to improving the lives of India's poorest and most oppressed citizens—especially it's women. In the midst of India’s bustling economy, hundreds of thousands of poor women work in unsafe or unstable environments for little money and no benefits. The organization founded by Bhatt, the Self-Employed Women’s Association, functions as a union for 250,000 self-employed women, operates a women’s bank, and helps empower women to help themselves. Her vision inspired thousands of poor women to join together to transform their lives—and their world.

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