Carrie Chapman Catt

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JACQUELINE VAN VORIS is the author of Constance de Markievicz: In the Cause of Ireland.

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Carrie Chapman Catt

A Public Life
Jaqueline Van Voris

Due largely to the organization and leadership of Carrie Chapman Catt, the bill giving women the right to vote became law within 18 months. With the battle that had consumed nearly half her life finally won, Catt went on to devote the next 25 years to working for peace as the basis of human rights. This biography reveals a public life that was lived with enthusiasm and faith in the human race, and documents the journey of an extraordinary woman whose ideas continue to influence the lives of millions.

"Significantly expands Catt's reputation as an internationalist. . . . She is portrayed as a galvanizing speaker and brilliant tactician whose vision of women's rights steadily grew from its American roots to incorporate not only European women but those in the non-Western world."

The New York Times Book Review

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