Working-Class Studies
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JANET ZANDY is professor of language and literature at Rochester Institute of Technology. Her books include Calling Home: Working-Class Women's Writings and Liberating Memory: Our Work and Our Working-Class Consciousness.

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WSQ: Working-Class Studies

Volume 23 Numbers 1 & 2: Spring/Summer 1995
Janet Zandy

Edited by Janet Zandy

Working-class history and literature are often ignored in traditional curricula, invisible in most texts, and unavailable to students and teachers. Janet Zandy, editor of Calling Home: Working Class Women's Writings and Liberating Memory, has brought together the voices in poetry, narrative, and song of working-class women throughout history, alongside critical essays placing this work in perspective for teacher and student. Scholars in the field write about recovering autobiographies and oral histories, practicing working-class studies, and current and emerging texts and theories. Also included are course syllabi and curriculum materials, a photo essay, and book reviews.