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JANE GALLOP is a distinguished professor of English and comparative literature at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. For more information, go to

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WSQ: Envy

Volume 34, Numbers 3 & 4: Fall/Winter 2006
Edited by Jane Gallop

Envy, as one of the seven deadly sins, sparks the imagination towards shades of green, sinful deeds and wicked desires. But while the act of coveting is not unknown to men and women alike, stereotypically the U.S. mainstream conceives the notion of envy in relationship to women.

Freud's idea of penis envy made envy feminine. New Wave feminists of the 1970's renegotiated women's envy as part of the concept of Sisterhood. Today, envy has been embedded in a large body of work focusing on emotions, ranging across disciplines from philosophy to neuroscience. With Envy, WSQ tackles the genealogy of feminist thought and the aims of contemporary feminist cultural criticism.

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