Here and Somewhere Else
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Grace Paley

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Robert Nichols

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Here and Somewhere Else

Stories and Poems
Grace Paley & Robert Nichols

Introduction by Marianne Hirsch

Husband and wife, parents and grandparents, Grace Paley and Robert Nichols are two writers and activists who constantly engage the world. Here and Somewhere Else, including uncollected or unpublished fiction by both Paley and Nichols, encompasses diverse countries and cultures, and counterpoints stories and poems that reveal engaged artists inventing different ways to illuminate political themes and issues.

"A wife and husband write politically in very different ways, charting "new territories of the imagination."

—Meena Alexander, Distinguished Professor, the Graduate Center at CUNY

"A work of the highest interest, Nichol's ironic juxtapositions and Paley's heartbreaking elisions smile at each other across eternity."

—Marilyn French

"Life and art interact . . . reminding us of the intensity with which words do things in the world—and in the home. . . . A dialogue of love, a long conversation in two distinctly different voices, bounded only by life itself."

—Nancy K. Miller, distinguished professor, the Graduate Center at CUNY

"Opens up our thinking about race and class and the 'little disturbances' of men and women. A generous helping of stories and poems of two wonderful political writers bundled into one economical package."

—Ruth Perry, MacVicar Fellow, MIT

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