Lone Voyagers
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GERALDINE JONCICH CLIFFORD teaches in the Graduate School of Education, University of California at Berkeley and in the Women's Studies Program and the social science field major. In 1988 and 1989 she directed the Education Abroad Program of the University of California for Australia and New Zealand. Her books include Edward L. Thorndike: The Sane Positivist (1968), The Shape of American Education (1976), and

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Lone Voyagers

Academic Women in Coeducational Institutions, 1870-1937
Edited by Geraldine Joncich Clifford

Using biography, autobiography, journals, and letters, Lone Voyagers offers portraits of seven women who were the first of their sex to work as faculty and deans at coeducational universities in the United States and Canada. Most historians of higher education have focused their attention on women's colleges. Here, thanks to the research of seven scholars, are the stories of pathbreakers, pioneers, and models of achievement—stories frequently marked by loneliness, isolation, and solitary triumph.

"This volume presents seven female academics, pioneers in coeducational universities, whose struggles and triumphs emerge poignantly in personal and public writings. The individuality, dedication, and forcefulness of each defy stereotyping. Geraldine Clifford's superb scholarly overview provides essential historical context."

—Barbara Miller Solomon, author of In the Company of Educated Women: A History of Women and Higher Education in America