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FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE earned the nickname "The Lady With the Lamp" for her tireless nursing of British soldiers during the Crimean War. Nightingale was born to wealthy English parents and proved to be a quick-witted and independent child. She eventually became interested in nursing and, despite opposition from her parents, trained as a nurse and began work in a London clinic.

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Florence Nightingale

Introduction by Myra Stark. Afterword by Cynthia Macdonald.

The world knows Florence Nightingale as the lady with the lamp--the revered founder of nursing as a respectable profession for women. But few people are aware that Nightingale's career began only after years of struggle to free herself from her suffocating Victorian family. In this surprisingly passionate feminist essay (a "brilliant polemic," states Martha Vicinus), Nightingale denounces the lives of idleness she and other women of her class were forced to lead.

"Over the years Cassandra has maintained its position as a focal feminist text, an important documentary link between women's earlier struggles for personal, legal, and political liberties, and the full-blown fight for emancipation that emerged in the first decade of the 20th century."

—The Guardian

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