A Life in Motion, by Florence Howe
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FLORENCE HOWE co-founded The Feminist Press in 1970. She became closely involved with the women's movement after her participation in the civil rights and anti-war movements in the 1960s. A founding mother of the women's studies movement during the 1970s and 1980s, she served as a professor of English at Goucher College and the College at Old Westbury, SUNY.

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A Life in Motion

A Memoir
Florence Howe

Florence Howe has led an audacious life: she created a freedom school during the dangerous days of the civil rights movement, refused to bow to academic heavyweights who were opposed to sharing power with women, and founded a feminist publishing house at a time when books for and about women were few. Sustained by her friendships with iconic writers like Grace Paley, Tillie Olsen, and Marilyn French, she traveled the world as an emissary for women’s empowerment. Howe is a teacher and activist; she is the co-founder of the Feminist Press, a past president of the Modern Language Association, and a central organizer of the international women's movement.

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A Life in Motion is the inside story of the birth of women’s studies as a discipline, the rise of an international feminist movement, and the role of women in publishing and education. A sharp and compelling memoir.”

Rosemary G. Feal, executive director of the Modern Language Association

"If words speak truth we have it here in Florence Howe's long awaited memoir. Out of the pain of childhood, the deprivation, the want, comes the story of a woman's endurance, the voice of a self searching out worlds in which to be, a tale told with startling honesty by one of the founding figures of the US feminist movement, giving us the treasures of a history that might otherwise have been lost."

—Meena Alexander, author of Fault Lines

"In this bold and courageous memoir Florence Howe transports us across class, gender, race divides—in and out of love, deprivation, and tragedy—along her activist journey toward profoundly creative work, and the abiding love of generations of chosen family. Everyone concerned about global feminism, women’s contributions, and humanity’s future will be enhanced and enchanted by A Life in Motion."

Blanche Wiesen Cook, author of Eleanor Roosevelt

"Honest, brave, frank, engrossing, this memoir offers an extraordinary history of one woman's life — Brooklyn-born, Jewish, New York feminist intellectual, international role model, and publisher."

—Shirley Geok-lin Lim, author of Among the White Moon Faces

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