Lucretia Mott
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DOROTHY STERLING is the author of more than 30 books, including We Are Your Sisters: Black Women in the Nineteenth Century. Her award-winning books pioneered culturally diverse subjects for children's nonfiction.

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Lucretia Mott

Dorothy Sterling

The daughter of a Nantucket sea captain, Lucretia Mott exhibited, from her earliest years, an extraordinary confidence and eloquence. As an adult, she dared to speak out to all-male audiences and refused to be silenced when she was attacked by protestors or when meeting halls where her organizations were to gather were burned down. In her later years, Mott became an advisor to presidents and a colleague to such activists as Frederick Douglas, Susan B. Anthony, and Sojourner Truth.

For ages 9-12.

"This biography offers a clear portrait of a remarkable woman and it gives insight into two great movements of the nineteenth century."

New York Times Book Review