Looking Back, Moving Forward
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Dorothy O. Helly

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Elaine R. Hedges

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WSQ: Looking Back, Moving Forward

25 Years of Women's Studies History Special Anniversary Issue: Volume 25, Numbers 1&2: Spring/Summer 1997
Edited by Dorothy O. Helly & Elaine R. Hedges

This special issue—reflective, celebratory, and forward looking—combines some of the most thoughtful essays from Women's Studies Quarterly's twenty-five-year history with original contributions on the current position and future of women's studies.

Tracing the development of women's studies, the reprinted essays offer unique insight into the concerns, goals, and achievements of women's studies at different moments in time, while preserving the passion, flavor, and tone of the moment. The new contributions examine the directions that research and teaching must take in order for women's studies to fulfill its potential as a new field—within and outside of institutions, in the U.S. and internationally. Throughout, the issue explores women's studies' changing relationship with academia, the community at large, institutionalization, and interdisciplinary studies.

This issue is essential not only for those wishing to relive, or to understand, the founding and development of women's studies, but also for those wishing to sustain, expand, challenge, and shape women's studies as it moves into the the twenty-first century.