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Dorothy L. Hodgson

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Ethel Brooks

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WSQ: Activisms

WSQ: Volume 35, Number 3 & 4, Fall/Winter 2007
Edited by Dorothy L. Hodgson & Ethel Brooks

Introduction by Dorothy L. Hodgson & Ethel Brooks

Activists may employ strategies from theater for social change to divestment to demonstration. They might rally in the thousands or pay for an abortion for one woman. Despite differences in method, activists seek to make the world a more just place. In this issue, contributors from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, and other regions explore how many women (and men) struggle individually and collectively for social justice and gender equity, particularly in the global south.

The issue includes photo essays about U.S. and South African performance art, an interview with renowned human rights activist Charlotte Bunch, and a discussion forum on 18th-century British feminist philosopher Mary Wollstonecraft. Articles, fiction, and poetry examine how art, humor, protest, transnational networks, and even detective novels promote progressive agendas. Contributors include Piya Chatterjee, Janet L. Finn, Susan Hanson, Fiona Kirkwood, and Ovadia Vargas—all finding ways to practice the feminisms they preach.

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