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Diane Fresquez is a food and arts journalist based in Brussels, Belgium. She was for many years a special correspondent to the Wall Street Journal, contributing to and editing for the newspaper's Weekend section in Europe. There she wrote on cuisine, home and garden, culture, and travel, and edited the weekly events pages.

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A Taste of Molecules

In Search of the Secrets of Flavor
Diane Fresquez

Do men and women experience taste and smell differently? And what happens when you eat a meal completely in the dark? Diane Fresquez, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, spent a year on the trail of obsessive scientists and entrepreneurs who are trying to reveal the secrets of flavor. (Read chapter one.)

In this picaresque jaunt, Fresquez seeks out the people working to uncover the truths about taste, including a brewery owner who's developed a banana-flavored beer meant to appeal to young women, and an entrepreneur who won't rest until he develops the perfect mead, the ancient liquor considered the ancestor of all fermented drinks. We meet a young mother and a PhD student whose research shows that what a mother eats can influence the flavor of her breast milk, and a scientist in The Netherlands who does research on flavor and memory at an Orwellian university lab called The Restaurant of the Future. A Taste of Molecules will delight foodies and scientists alike. Recipes included!

"A Taste of Molecules, may sound technical or overly scientific, it is in fact a very pleasant and easy read filled with anecdotes from the author’s youth, her travels and her relationships with food as well as people. . . .From a foodie perspective, however, the book is much more than that. . . .Fresquez continues in this nostalgic spirit throughout the 210-page book, conjuring up images of warm family dinners, long hours spent gathered around the table and, of course, scrumptious dishes."

Robyn Boyle, Flanders Today

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