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BARBARA HAMMER has made over eighty films and video works over the past forty years. Her experimental films of the 1970s often dealt with taboo subjects such as menstruation, female orgasm, and lesbian sexuality. In the 1980s she used optical printing to explore perception and the fragility of 16mm film life itself.

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Making Movies Out of Sex and Life
Barbara Hammer

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HAMMER! is the first book by influential filmmaker Barbara Hammer, whose life and work have inspired a generation of queer, feminist, and avant-garde artists and filmmakers. The wild days of non-monogamy in the 1970s, the development of a queer aesthetic in the 1980s, the fight for visibility during the culture wars of the 1990s, her search for meaning as she contemplates mortality in the past ten years—HAMMER! includes texts from these periods, new writings, and fully contextualized film stills to create a memoir as innovative and disarming as her work has always been.

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"What an amazingly inspirational book, filled with powerful stories and beautiful images. I truly love and recommend it. Thank you, Barbara Hammer!"

Sadie Benning

"Hammer's intense productivity places her on the scale of Brakhage or Warhol as a major force in independent cinema."

Wheeler Winston Dixon, author of The Exploding Eye, A Re-Visionary History of 1960s American Experimental Cinema

"Barbara Hammer is a true cinematic pioneer; her tremendous body of work continues to inspire audiences and artists alike."

Jenni Olson, LGBT film historian

"Queer, feminist experimental-filmmaking pioneer Barbara Hammer's autobiography is one in the truest sense—it reveals her personality and her philosophies on art and, at the same time, becomes a key part of her legacy."

Library Journal

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