Women Activists
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Anne Witte Garland worked for seven years as a staff writer and editor for consumer and environmental advocacy organizations in Washington, DC and New York. She now lives in New York City and is a freelance writer covering environmental, public health, consumer, and women's issues.

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Women Activists

Challenging the Abuse of Power
Anne Witte Garland

Foreword by Ralph Nader. Introduction by Frances T. Farenthold.

These fourteen women activists are working to protect their families and neighborhoods and to challenge unsound corporate and government policies. They offer moving, inspiring examples of individuals doing something concrete to control their lives and improve society.

"Women Activists gives voice to women from minority, blue collar, and middle-class backgrounds and their concerns about real life issues. All the important problems of the decade are here: urban renewal, inner-city education, rural development, auto safety, water pollution, nuclear energy, and the arms race. Each of these women responded to threats to their families and personal lives. Out of anger and a sense of justice they educated themselves, and organized other women and men into action. Their successes and failures make rewarding reading, and give a clear sense of how 'ordinary' women can and do effect change."

—Louise Lamphere, professor of anthropology, University of New Mexico

"An inspiring testament to women's leadership. In this book, we see women creating compassionate human social policy."

—Bella Abzug

"Anne Witte Garland has revealed our 'clean little secret': most community leaders for change are women. The day of the demure yea-sayer in skirts is over. Nine portraits of these remarkable women comprise this inspiring work."

—Studs Terkel, Pulitzer-winning author

"A valuable source for women's studies and recent social history and compelling reading for anyone concerned about contemporary politics and society."

—Barbara Melosh, associate professor, English and American Studies, George Mason University

"This book shows how one person can make a difference, and together we can bring about change. It demonstrates that courage, commitment, and activism are very womanly traits."

Barbara Mikulski, U.S. Senator, Maryland

"This is a remarkable collection of tales, each beautifully and directly told. Taken together, they constitute a powerful affirmation of the spirited and resourceful means women continue to use to achieve socially useful goals."

—Alice Kessler-Harris, professor of history, Hofstra University

"It's taken a long time to recognize the fact that women are the great organizers and activists. If the well is poisoned, if the river runs thick with toxic waste, if the housing is bleak, in most cases, it's women who will undertake the organization of stubborn protests and action, the research, the tedious day-after-day, year-after-year work that often changes their own lives. Here are the women, here is a teaching book and an engaging work."

—Grace Paley

"Women Activists is that rare treasure—a book that is as exciting as fiction and as instructive as life itself. We are indebted to Anne Witte Garland for illuminating our lives with the lives of these women."

—Johnetta Cole, President, Spelman College

"This book will be a valuable resource for courses in women's studies, sociology, American studies, and government, and will also be of great interest to the general reader."

—Charlotte Goodman, associate professor of English, Skidmore College

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