We, Too, Must Love
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In a remarkable career which includes forty works of fiction and non-fiction, MARIJANE MEAKER has employed multiple pseudonyms. In her twenties, as an employee of the Gold Medal mass market paperback publisher, Meaker, under the name of ANN ALDRICH, began writing her five non-fiction titles that openly chronicled the lives of lesbians throughout the 1950s, 60s and early 70s.

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We, Too, Must Love

Ann Aldrich

Three years after We Walk Alone, Ann Aldrich expands on her journalistic portraits of lesbian subcultures in and around New York to include: class questions; the diverse jobs lesbians held; social cliques; differences among the “Village,” “Uptown,” and Brooklyn communities; and hints at the growing consciousness that would fuel later lesbian and gay rights movements. The sequel closes with sample letters from the six hundred written to Aldrich after We Walk Alone was published.

"Aldrich touched innumerable lives and gave hope to lesbians mired in a harsh and ignorant era. Read these books to learn what it was like back then, what we believed and how we made a start in the struggle against prejudice."

—Ann Bannon, award-winning author of The Beebo Brinker Chronicles

"[Aldrich's] sophisticated prose is anything but solipsistic. She is simultaneously intimate and investigative, subjective and discerning. . . . these essential cultural artifacts . . . [are] a fascinating unruly read."

UTNE Magazine

"Will transport today's readers . . . to the 1950s homosexual scene. . . . Candid, cautionary writings [that] helped fuel a social change movement."

—Marcia M. Gallo, author of Different Daughters: A History of the Daughters of Bilitis and Rise of the Lesbian Rights Movement