Rethinking Women's Peace Studies
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Amy Swerdlow

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Linda Forcey

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Florence Howe

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Mariam K. Chamberlain

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WSQ: Rethinking Women's Peace Studies

Volume 23, Numbers 3 & 4: Fall/Winter 1995
Edited by Amy Swerdlow, Linda Forcey, Florence Howe & Mariam K. Chamberlain

Amy Swerdlow, editor of Women Strike for Peace: Traditional Motherhood and Radical Politics in the 1960's, edited a Women's Studies Quarterly issue by this title in 1984, which she considered an early step toward the creation of feminist peace studies. Now, more than ten years later, debates in peace/war studies have accelerated, more women are choosing military careers, and we are faced with even more compelling questions. This issue, co-edited by Swerdlow and Linda Forcey, shares theories, research, and pedagogical and curriculum materials from top scholars in the field.