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AMA ATA AIDOO, one of Ghana's most distinguished writers, won the 1993 Commonwealth Writers Prize, Africa Division, for the novel Changes. She is also the author of two plays, poetry, and another novel, Our Sister Killjoy or Reflections From a Black-eyed Squint.

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A Love Story
Ama Ata Aidoo

Afterword by Tuzyline Jita Allan

Esi decides to divorce after enduring yet another morning's marital rape. Though her friends and family remain baffled by her decision (after all, he doesn't beat her!), Esi holds fast. When she falls in love with a married man—wealthy, and able to arrange a polygamous marriage—the modern woman finds herself trapped in a new set of problems. Witty and compelling, Aidoo's novel, according to Manthia Diawara, "inaugurates a new realist style in African literature."

"Aidoo writes with intense power in a novel that, in examining the role of women in modern African society, also sheds light on women's problems around the globe."

Publishers Weekly

"Changes reads at times like Mariama Ba's So Long A Letter, [and] . . . at other times [it] echoes Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale with its abundant vernacular style, female friendship, and freedom and mobility in the modern city."

—Manthia Diawara, Director of Africana Studies and Professor of Comparative Literature and Film, New York University

"A powerful novel that explores the complex web of late 20th-century human relationships in ways that are both comic and deeply affecting."

Boston Phoenix

"A wonderfully warm novel that truly shows that the more things remain the same (love) the more changes we (society) go through."

—Nikki Giovanni, author of Ego-Tripping and Other Poems for Young People

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