The Unpossessed

The Unpossessed

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Tess Slesinger
The first depiction of radical chic in fiction, published in 1934.

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Paperback Edition
Publication Date: 12-31-1969

Introduction by Alice Kessler-Harris and Paul Lauter
Afterword by Janet Sharistanian

The first depiction of radical chic in fiction, this 1934 novel characterizes a group of intellectuals engaged in founding a magazine. In relating the stories of three couples, the novel confronts the dilemmas still faced by men and women about the viability of marriage and parenthood, and the political responsibility of intellectuals.

"It's sophisticated . . . full of cutting observations and over-eager images, satiric, then ecstatic, alternating social criticism with displays of sexual and intellectual coquetry." The Village Voice

"The Unpossessed has a ferocious drive, a wild and unfaltering rhythm, a quality of malice and understanding, a complete grasp of most of the characters concerned in the plot, a terrifically effective denouement, and construction that is impeccable." The New York Times

"She has a keen mind and a cutting wit. There is as fine satire of the intellectual near-revolutionists, the empty 'proletarian' artists as I have seen anywhere. She writes well. At her best, Miss Slesinger has sheer genius." New York Herald Tribune

"A brilliantly written book. Its characters are real people and will be remembered. It could be admired for its display of technical skill alone, or for her satirical gifts, but actually it has much more, especially poetic insight and wisdom." New York Evening Post